Editorial work for Any Means Necessary @ Nottingham Playhouse

The Conspiracy Season continues with Any Means Necessary, a piece of theatre specially commissioned by Nottingham Playhouse. Original and gripping plot, but perhaps the acting could have been improved.  Click here to read my own and the critics’ responses…


Editorial work for The Rubenstein Kiss @ Nottingham Playhouse

I’ll now introduce you to another of my projects! Between October 2015 and June 2016, I will be undertaking the role of chief editor for the Critics’ Circle at Nottingham Playhouse.  Whilst attending the shows in this year’s Conspiracy Season (among others), I will also be responsible for putting together a collection of student reviews (aged 14 – 18 in this collection), adding my own editorial comment to introduce the responses.  The first of the season looks at director Zoe Waterman’s ‘The Rubenstein Kiss’.  Happy reading – follow the link here.